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'Changing Landscapes' is an original TV series created by Dominik Modlinski and Scott Wilson. Born from a passion of travel and motorcycles Dominik and Scott will take the viewer to varied and changing landscapes. Some may be familiar, others may not, but in each case they will document their travels through Dominik's work as a landscapes artist and Scott's work as a film maker and writer. Combining their mediums their goal is to take the viewer to exotic destinations, meet the locals and embark on an adventure or two.



'Changing Landscapes Vancouver Island' is a 13 part television series set on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Voted by Conde Nast traveler readers as the best island in Canada, Vancouver Island would appear to have some serious tourism credentials buried in its forests and shorelines. Yet when we bandy words like 'exotic' and 'laid back' about all we think of is the Caribbean, the 'Med' or S.E. Asia. Well, what's wrong with home? That's a question we've been asking ourselves, so Dominik and I headed out to see what all the fuss was about. We scoured the island from north to south, and east to west in search of changing landscapes and a hearty adventure or two. Join us as we visit old growth forests, kayak with seals and maybe have a pint or two at a local brew pub! Where will the adventure take us? Follow us to find out.

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Welcome to 'CHANGING LANDSCAPES - VANCOUVER ISLAND' a 13 part adventure travel series brought to you by Scott Wilson, Dominik Modlinski and Shaw Television.



In the autumn of 2014 Scott Wilson and Dominik Modlinski traveled to Bolivia and Peru. For six weeks they rode their motorcycles on asphalt, salt, and gravel as they crossed the Altiplano and the Andes. When their bikes weren't up to the task they traded them in for hiking boots, gumboots and canoes as they explored the Isla del Sol, the Potosi silver mines, and the Amazon basin. Why such an adventure?  So they could record changing landscapes, Dominik with his painting gear, and Scott with the film camera. From folksy villages to a national election, dodgy river crossings to 'Cafe con Leche,' and wild pigs to screaming Macaws Bolivia served up one treat after another. Join them as they discover one of South America's best kept secrets; Bolivia. 

TV series - 8 episodes -Nov/Dec 2015 + Jan/Feb/March2016

SHAW TV Multicultural Channel/Shaw Digital Channel 116

Vancouver and lower mainland.

'Changing Landscapes Bolivia' is an 8 part television series that follows landscape artist Dominik Modlinski, and travel writer Scott Wilson on a recent six week motorcycle trip through Bolivia.

  • The first episode starts November 21, 2015. 
  • Here are the days and times and they will be consistent throughout the 16 weeks.
  • Saturday at 2:30pm
  • Sundays at 5:00pm

Welcome to 'Changing Landscapes,' a proposed 13 part adventure travel series brought to you by Scott Wilson, Dominik Modlinski and Shaw Television. Filming will take place early summer 2015 and will follow the two as they travel through British Columbia on motorcycle to search out unique landscapes, people and stories from their home province.