“ Painting workshop - Colour and Plein Air “


October 4, 5, 6- 2019

Friday, Oct 4 : 5pm - 8pm

Saturday, Oct 5 : 9pm - 4pm

Sunday, Oct 6 : 9pm - 4pm

Cost: $ 350.00

Register directly with Dominik

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“ Introduction to oil painting “


November 1, 2, 3 - 2019

Friday, Nov 1: 5pm - 8pm

Saturday, Nov 2: 9pm - 4pm

Sunday, Nov 3: 9pm - 4pm

Cost: $ 300.00

Register directly with Dominik

“ Mark-making and concept development “


November 15, 16, 17 - 2019

Friday, Nov 15: 5pm - 8pm

Saturday, Nov 16: 9pm - 4pm

Sunday, Nov 17: 9pm - 4pm

Cost: $ 325.00

Register directly with Dominik




If you wish to study in a small group or one on one, Dominik is available for private classes and mentoring.

Classes are available from 1 to 3 days workshops at Dominik's studio located in Nanaimo, BC

COST: $150.00/day per person

There is also accommodation available for $80/night including 3 meals.

Please contact Dominik to discuss your next painting lessons.


  Dominik Modlinski offers small private group painting adventures and workshops. These 2-5 client adventures allow you to learn from highly accomplished professional painter and mentor in a focused and collaborative way. Adventures include several days of painting on location, discussion on composition and painting techniques, critic of your work, and tours of the surrounding landscape. You will be dazzled by the spectacular scenery which will inspire and rejuvenated your creative spirit.

  Dominik offers year-round mentoring, but also private tours & instruction upon request.  Dominik’s base rate for a private trip is $1000/day for 2, plus expenses. Each additional client will be charged $250/day, for a maximum of 5 clients per trip. Accommodation and food expenses will depend on location but can vary from wilderness camping and cooking on the fire to restaurants and hotels nearby.

  You will be immersed in inspiration, creating in natural and historic places. Dominik intimate knowledge of painting in the wilderness, first hand experience and local knowledge will leave you with vivid and lasting memories. You will also return home with finished plain air paintings of locations which may have never been painted before.


Please contact Dominik to discuss your next painting adventure.

Here is what some of the people have have to say about working with Dominik,

Although I found your workshop extremely challenging it was equally as rewarding.

Day 1 on color taught me one very important fact, I need to study more.

Of course Day 2, the plein aire session was the highlight. Here are a few of the some of the most valuable insights I learned;

-The composition must move your eye (brain) around the painting. Lines that your eye can follow must not lead you out of the painting

-See the total painting as a series of slightly abstract geometric shapes

-Rearranging (squeezing) the vista to include the important visual elements in the landscape even though they would not be in the same frame in a photographic view.

-Focus on alternating complimentary colors of contrasting values through the field of viewing

-The importance of capturing the foreground in distinct shapes and forms and as you retreat to the background they become mere suggestions.

I would highly recommend this workshop to those who have already established some painting skills. Novice artists however might find it quite a test.

Thank you for the opportunity to share in your knowledge and witness firsthand your painting skills

Ron Gladish, Penticton, BC


Thank you Dominik for a truly inspiring workshop. Colour theory and plein aire in one workshop, I wasn't sure what to expect. Your ability to both explain the theory and demonstrate the exercises gave me a new perspective on landscape painting. I have been frustrated with plein aire painting in the past, now after the workshop I feel I have some tools to help me create good paintings and enjoy the process.

Georgia Krebs, Naramata, BC

I took Dominik’s mark making workshop in the hopes of learning how to further develop and understand my abstract art process, what made it good and not so good, how to possibly develop it into a series, and maybe even how understand myself a little better - not too much to ask, hey? ;) I think I learned all of this and more. Dominic has a lifetime of developing his art; his training and practice combined with his deep critical thinking, analysis processes, and ability to relay these make him an invaluable instructor. The workshop was a well planned progression of activities including an engaging video of his travels and plein air painting, lessons including art of the masters, painting demonstrations with explanations of his thinking process as to why he does something, painting time for the students, and helpful critiques, both from him and learning how to critique objectively. Starting by making many small quick intuitive painting compositions, to taking a few to completion and then taking those several small completed paintings to one or two larger paintings with the idea of developing one’s own authentic, original, organic work, and build on it from one painting to the next, possibly developing a series, I have learned not only many more ways to take my mark making further, but the understanding of how to develop variety, depth and excitement. I can hardly wait to get home and into my studio to repeat the workshop processes to ingrain what I have learned so that it will become second nature to me, part of my regular practice. I need to get it in ASAP because in two weeks I’ll be taking his plein air workshop and I know I’ll be learning so much more because his workshops are jam packed, exhausting, exciting, and invigorating. Dominic is serious about making great art, a deep thinker, honest, gentle, humorous and friendly. I am so grateful to him for sharing his art practice and knowledge and feedback - I highly recommend taking an opportunity to learn from him.

Lana Shuster, Vernon, BC


  Thank you Dominik Modlinski for the wonderful workshop last week! There were many beautiful paintings as a result and many aha! moments as we worked mixing colours!!!

Federation of Canadian Artists - Nanaimo chapter


  Excellent workshop! Definitely a full day. Started out with discussion about colour, ongoing instruction and demo, one on one coaching and a helpful critique for everyone. We round out the day with tasty nibbles and refreshments, further lessons on colour theory, mark making and composition followed by videos and discussion of Dominik Modlinski's painting adventures far from home.

Eileen Williamson, Nanaimo, BC


  Thank you, Domink,  for giving a great class on mixing colors and colour theory at your new home studio. It was very informative and enjoyable  to watch the video you did of your painting journey the first evening. The photography was well done. Looking at the  plein air paintings  of your travels were even  more interesting. I get to see these places through your eyes. The second day in the morning devoted to  exercises of learning about colours. The theory and practical aspect of mixing colours was very informative. The demos before we did the colour mixing ourselves was very helpful and useful. It was really good to have the time for us to ask all the questions as well.

In the afternoon, the mark marking exercises were interesting. I used a big charcoal for my "expressive" drawings. It was a very good experience  for me to see how lines can be done with more variety and how this can improve composition. I also learnt another thing from this, the tool one uses does  affect the end result. I had used India ink and brush in the past and the end product is quite different. There was a lot more variety with that than charcoal which I am obviously not good at. I learnt something about myself as well.

On the third day, after starting on a painting,  I realized that it was much  easier to do the color squares practice, but a lot more difficult when we had to put the color theory and colour mixing to the test. The demos and constructive critiques along the way were very helpful. At the end of the course, while we didn't get to finish the painting it was good that we had demos on how to complete the painting. 

All in all, it was a very useful and valuable learning experience. Now it's up to me to continue to learn and practice from all the information we were given. 

Since the class was small, it was extremely beneficial  that we have time for critiques with the mark making exercises and painting that may not have been all possible if this was a much bigger class. 

Thank you again for being very generous in sharing your knowledge. Hope I'll have the opportunity to take another class from you. Your skill and paintings are absolutely impressive!


Annette Lam, Vancouver, BC


  I was very happy to attend the first workshop held at Dominik Modlinski's new studio in Nanaimo along with 3 ladies to learn about colour, contrasts and compliments. With the one evening and two full day schedule it gave me a chance to visit this harbour city on the East coast of Vancouver Island that is nestled on a long stretch between the hills and the Georgia Strait. With so many hills there were many occasions where I wished that I had my gps mapper in the truck.

The way that the workshop is organized was relaxing yet continuous with theory on the first evening and then detailed instruction followed by practice for the remaining two days. With the small group size it was a real treat to be able to have so much individual help and advice.

Seeing the videos of the numerous journeys that Dominik and his friend Scott have made to the locations where he makes sketches and photographs for his paintings was very interesting to learn of the difficulties one faces when getting to outlying and often very inaccessible locations. Hearing about his techniques for solving the logistical elements of such trips was very intriguing.

I was able to learn so much more about what I don't know, as well as a lot that I have been told before by others but failed to comprehend. I suspect that others in the class realize like I do myself that I need to practice practice practice and find out where I am going wrong.

Taking workshops like this is therapeutic for me in the same why that any time I pick up a brush my blood pressure drops and I feel more relaxed and happy. It was great to meet Dominik again and to be introduced to Josslyn, Annette and Galina. Willow at Iron Oxide Art Supplies had all the materials needed and I visited them on a number of occasions over the weekend.

David Netterville, Courtenay, BC



  This weekend left us inspired, motivated and full with knowledge to apply to our own painting practices. To say that Dominik changed our way of approaching painting is a massive understatement. Thank you Dominik, you have left us wanting more... And by the sounds of it, there just might be some plans for that...

Ellis Art Studios, Kelowna, BC


  Thank you for helping me push through my painting block.. (painting now!)... wonderful and informative workshop and a great space to have it...look forward to the next level...

Jacquie Grosser, Kelowna, BC


  It's been so surreal having Dominik come to our new studio to teach... but getting high praise from someone that's taught all over the world is just so personally fulfilling. I am in awe of his talent and I can't thank him enough for allowing us to benefit from his workshop this past weekend!

Brazen Edwards, Kelowna, BC


  I just want to thank you again for the wonderful workshop at Bear Highlands. As I look back over my notes in my sketchbook, I can’t believe how much I learned. I carried on painting with the three primary colours while out on our camping trip - it was a good thing too as I somehow lost all my other tubes of paint -I think they were thrown in the garbage at a campground!! :) I did four more paintings while we were away trying to remember all I learned and Bob happily fished. I really think I might try oils now and Dominik, you gave me lots of ideas (from paints to medium to brushes) on how to get started. 

You guys really complement each other so it was great having Tim there too - thanks Tim for spending a bit of time talking to me about Galleries and the business of art.

I will certainly follow both of you and look for future workshops.

Very best regards,

Libby Parsons, BC


  Painted this 18" x 24" oil on canvas at a workshop held by Dominik recently. Boy, I would call that first day painters boot camp ~ very intense and I found it difficult to work with only 3 colours BUT he did prove it could be done. Came away with a broader view of mixing paint. Really enjoyed the painting part ~ I don't usually paint that fast but I am glad to say I did almost complete it in the allotted 3 hours. Did a little tweaking when I got home and this is the final result. I am wondering if the green is maybe a bit intense? Was a pleasure to watch him work on his painting while we watched. Thanks again...

Elissa Anthony, Vancouver Island


  This was a real treat for me to take a workshop with Dominik Modlinski The first thing that I learned was that one needs to have good materials and to develop skills when using them before one can reach the targets. It is obvious that Dominik has done that and I intend to preserver and may one day have paintings that are one tenth as good as his. For now it is obvious to me that I need to move away from using cheap student paints and to relearn how to mix the colours all over again. I need to do many many squares and then to try again at painting a subject.

David Netterville, Vancouver island


  Dominik, firstly, I want to thank you for coming out to our home for the mentorship. It was a pleasure to spend the day with you and to absorb a portion of your expertise in art. Your calm nature and nurturing compassion for art was appreciated. The introduction to the necessity for understanding color and for the relationships they have to each other, was not only necessary, but opened my mind to such a variety of combinations for color. Creating the color charts and blending the colors for the charts, enforces the need to understand values, hues, darks, and lights. Along with all of the combinations that can be created. This will assist me in painting not only pictures but pictures that "vibrate".

I, recommend this course to emerging artists and to those who need to understand the meaning of color and what it creates. Every artist will be amazed at what they thought they new aboutcolor, but didn't!

You are a joy and humorous soul. You're a teacher, facilitator, creator, and passionate artist. My husband and I wish you the best in all of your endeavors and journeys. We look forward to the next travel and painting show about theisland.

Thanks again "Zen Guy".

From your most "messy student". All night I kept thinking, "remember Primary Blue".


Darcey Clapp, Ladysmith, BC


  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and travels with us in Victoria. I really appreciate your painting style and enjoyed the watching you demo parts of your painting followed by the class attempting what you had just achieved. I'm a beginner acrylic painter so lots to learn for sure. You have helped me see more in a landscape (use of complimentary colours, etc) and to improve my observation skills of a composition. The photos you shared of various painting locations were wonderful. I would love to see you add commentary (voice over?) outlining the challenges you may have faced while painting plein air, particularly in locations like Antarctica, severe temperatures affect on your paints, etc. Just a thought.
Painting is a process and I enjoyed this workshop as continuing the process.
Jenny Adams, Victoria, BC


  Dominik is an excellent instructor. I have been painting for many years and I am really enjoying his approach to teaching colour.

Ceci Lam, Vancouver, BC


  Thank you for giving such a wonderful workshop this past weekend Dominik. You created a supportive and fun environment for everyone. We particularly appreciate you sharing your extensive knowledge, which helped us create a work of art that we can be proud of. Thanks again!

Dianne Cuzner, Vancouver, BC


 Thank you, Dominik. Your workshop these past two days was great. I will be practicing the entire colour mixing you taught us starting tomorrow.
Thank you again.

Diane Lair, Victoria BC


  This was a valuable workshop! I learned a LOT about colour, gained useful new tools, and had fun! I feel inspired and motivated to keep painting, and have a more in depth knowledge of art and the creative process. Thanks Dominick for an enriching two days!

Celecte Roberts, Vancouver,  BC.


  No matter what the subject, country, skyline, forests, etc etc. Never have I seen such a Versatile, Imaginable, and Ever Evolving Artist such as you!  I am not "An Art Critic" In any sense of the word. However I know what I like....
" That which is Pure, Mesmerizing, Versatile and speaks to you, without a word being spoken. I am in awe of "Your Gift". !!

Pam Roe, Surrey, BC

  I've been a student of Mr. Modlinski for a couple years now, and I've always been extremely impressed with his ability to teach. Dominik has his own unique style, which he is more then happy to share, but what makes Dominik courses so delightful is his knowledge of the many styles and techniques in the art world. Beside the wonderful directions that Dominick provides, he creates a genuine warm atmosphere. He is very easy to talk with; also by sharing stories of his adventures you get a little insight to being a professional painter. I think it's a positive experience for anybody, ranging from someone with aspiration of an art career to the Sunday painter.
Mike Vandenberg (painter), Ottawa

To whom it May Concern:

  Mr. Dominik Modlinski, with whom we regard as “Sensei Dominik“, has been training Karate-Do for 23 years. He started attending our “dojo“, the Japan Martial Arts Centre ( headquarters of the International karate Association of Canada), in 1992 while he was a student of fine arts at the Ontario College of Art. He has since garnered much success, as you are aware of his tremendous and special talent.
Dominik has a strong spiritual connection and dedication with anything he does. He has achieved the heigh level of 5th degree Black Belt - SHIHAN. His skill level as a martial Artist is extremely advanced. As well, he has a strong energy yet patient devotion towards any student he is teaching.
He will be great asset for you and your students.
If you have any further questions about Dominik Modlinski, please contact us.

Best regards,
KANCHO T. OKUYAMA 8TH DAN ( President and Chief Instructor )


  I am the owner of the Elliott Louis Gallery in Vancouver, BC.  We have
represented Dominik Modlinski for the past three years.  During that time we have hosted three events led by Dominik.  On both occasions Dominik led a slide show and question and answer session that lasted approx. 1 hour.  Both events were very, very well received by the participants.   The presentation was professional, well thought out with excellent support material by way of photographic slides and paintings especially hung for the event. Dominik is an engaging presenter.  The talk was lively with genuine curiosity displayed on the part of the participants.  I reiterate, both events Dominik put on were enthusiastically supported by the participants. Should you require further information regarding the above, or any other matter related to Dominik Modlinski's presentation skills please contact the undersigned.

Ted Lederer
President, Elliott Louis Gallery inc.


tel. 604.736.3282
e-mail: gallery@elliottlouis.com

#1 -  258 East 1st Avenue
Vancouver, BCV5T 1A6, Canada


  Deborah and I visited your home and studio last month in Nanaimo.  I am involved in the Art community in Courtenay, and have taken workshops here.  I also participate in a painting program sponsored by North Island College.  We invite guests to present workshops here from time to time.  You may remember our visit.
I have taken workshops at Gibson's School of the Arts, and feel it is a very good program featuring excellent artists who present top quality workshops.  Based on my visit to your studio and my impressions from looking at your work, I would be interested in attending a workshop in Gibson when you are the artist presenting the program.  I think you are very articulate and knowledgeable, and your interest in painting the Canadian landscape, especially the west coast, would make you and ideal choice to facilitate a course and teach at Gibson.  
Your work is excellent and I think I could learn a great deal from you. I look forward to hearing more from Gibson, with regard to the dates for your workshop.
Bob and Deborah David

Courtenay, B.C.

  I have taken two of Dominik's workshops and my husband has taken one.  He is an excellent instructor for both beginners and more advanced students.  His use of a limited palette and his review of color and design theory is excellent even if one has been painting for a while.  His instruction is very clear and he answers questions in a thoughtful manner. He is also very adept at helping students see where they need to go with their painting.  His critiques are very helpful as well
I would highly recommend Dominik as an instructor.
Pat Allin
Banff AB

  I attended 2 of Dominik's 3 day workshops in Calgary. I am not a professional painter as were many of those who attended the workshops so there is a vast range of difference in those who attend his workshops. I would not have come back a second time if I had not felt it was a wonderful learning opportunity.

Sharon Johnson, Calgary


  I attended a 2-day workshop in Arbutus Ridge on Vancouver Island in October 2008.  I felt I received a lot of very good information at the workshop, as you were very generous in your willingness to share actual techniques with all of us. You did not just talk to us about painting, you showed us how to use the paint, what to mix with it and why, how to handle the brushes, and which layers and colours to start with on our practice pieces. I would recommend your class to anyone wishing to learn more about painting, whether they were a beginner like me, or a more advanced student.

Kathleen Stuckert
North Vancouver, BC


  I would like to express my impressions on the course I took with Master painter Dominik Modlinski, and I am writing Master because to be such you first of all have the experience in life to express what life is and show it through painting, in this case to the rest of people who does not know how to communicate feelings. He is also a Master because he gives all he knows, all his experience as painter an human being and let his students freely to find by themselves what they want to express, choosing also the technique is more suitable for that in this case he is a master in different techniques so that allows you to choose what is the best to express what you want.

Isabel Jirash Kaim


  I very much enjoyed attending the 3 day plein air workshop with you at Bear Valley Highlands.  I have not painted much in the presence of others or out of doors or with oil paints so the experience was a new one, and as I tend to be an extremely slow painter that, too, was challenging.  Listening to your suggestions and instruction, observing how you paint and your brilliant use of colour as well as watching your Painting Journeys videos has given me more confidence to experiment with plein air painting and to gain greater familiarity with oil paints.  Thank you for presenting this workshop. I feel very fortunate to have been part of it.
Karen Barnett 


  Thank you Dominik for the great workshop at Bear Valley Highlands May 29th to 31st 2014 , I really enjoyed the demo you did every day  a lot of information, the brush strokes, composition& the colors you can get from a limited pallet, all I can use in my paintings to come .  I certainly would like to have more workshops with you.

Thanks Mike