If you are interested to share my passion and experience my Painting Journeys I am presenting very special and inclusive program of Art Commission with an Experience.

If you are looking for this special painting for your home I can offer you a ...

Orange Above Valley Below 32" x 72 oil on canvas


It is only offered to two VIP clients per year for one of my large studio paintings from 4' to 6' approximate size of your choice.


-  I will fly anywhere in the world for few days to meet you and discuss your art commission.


-  For your painting commission you can either choose the landscape site close to you and your heart or we can discuss some   the areas I have visited on my journeys.


-  You will be able to get to know me as an artist and a person. I will able share with you my stories and experiences of previous journeys, through stories and films.


-   When I return to my studio I will proceed with the composition we both chose. You will be updated with the images as the painting progress towards the finish work. In the time of 6 months your finished painting will be shipped to your home.


COST: $ 25.000 US

Western Surf 32' x 72" oil on canvas

Children of the Sun 30" x 40" oil on canvas