BOLIVIA - 2014

'Painting Journeys into Bolivia' was a 5-week adventure through one of the least explored countries of the South American continent, Bolivia.
The landlocked nation consists of more then 30 unique linguistic and ethnic groups. It is one of the most diverse and intact indigenous regions of all of South America. Its people to this day practice their original spiritual and cultural beliefs, which are rooted deeply in Inca and pre-Inca traditions. Many of the country’s archeological ruins are still shrouded in mysteries of origin.
I traveled with my best buddy Scott Wilson ( Nomadic Bull ) who was our videographer and travel writer.  Our journey took us on board motorcycles from the high Andes to the world’s largest salt flats, from mystical archeological ruins to the dense green forests of the Amazon Basin. Bolivian roads are mostly gravel, which madefor most challenging and fun riding and the country’s minimalist tourist infrastructure provided numerous opportunities to experience a true sense of adventure.
Along the route we visited many unique ecological National Parks nestled in some of the most spectacular and diverse mountain scenery on Earth. It is our goal to document it through paintings, a 30-minute film and a book. We plan to bring the spirit of Bolivia’s people and its wilderness landscape closer to viewers and art collectors. The film, 'Painting Journeys through Bolivia,' will be accompanied by an art show consisting of studio paintings and on-site sketches. We are also in the process of editing 8 parts series CHANGING LANDSCAPES - THIS BOLIVIA for Shaw Television.

“ The trip is sponsored by Gaia International and its founder Mavis Wang. The expedition will not be possible without their generous support. ”



Motorcycle Painting Journey across Bolivia with Dominik Modlinski and Scott Wilson. For more info please visit:









Paintings and Photography from North Canol Road in the Yukon and Northwest Territories during the autumn of 2013.