So I finally arrived in Whitehorse, Yukon after driving 2500km in four days. Usually it takes me less, but this time I was towing a little camper trailer. I have not been up north for 4 years and it is great to feel the northern air and the smell of the tundra. Colours are just starting to turn and some higher elevation of hwy # 37 already have yellow poplars.

I have also noticed some environmental changes along the route, which I am not surprise to see due to climate change. Bear glacier near Seward, BC has receded a lot since I seen it first time 10 years ago. Pass the Dease Lake there huge swats of forest burnt as far as eye can see. Southern Yukon is starting to experience much more coastal climate with higher precipitation which has not accrued before. Due to the rising temperatures the permafrost is melting slowly releasing unimaginable amount of gases which will choke of our atmosphere in due time unless there is no dramatic change in human behavior.

So I am going North towards Tombstone mountains with heavy heart knowing that our planet is in desperate need of healing from constant human destruction.

I will be on the road for about 4 weeks, crossing into Alaska and capturing many of its enormous mountain ranges.