I received an invitation from Jay Hambelton, my Facabook to visit him in Faro. Jay is also a painter and his Dad was Jack Hambelton who was the founder of Hambelton Galleries in Kelowna BC.

Jay graciously offered to take me up into high alpine south east of Faro. We traveled for over 50 km on hunting trail with quads including one with special tracks that can travel over wet tundra and bog. Our day was filled with lots of painting, some winching, mud and spectacular display of colours over the Yukon. Through Jay I have learned a lot about a local environment and the history of Faro town which lays along 450-kilometer Tintina Trench.




Faro was originally a company town created to support once the largest open pit lead-zinc mine in the world. Today, it is the site of one of the most complex abandoned mine remediation projects in Canada.